On Being a Pastor

Tonight I and my family will have the pleasure of heading over to Kanata Community CRC to celebrate with them the installation of their new pastor, I am excited for them, as I always am on such occasions. Installation or Ordination services always call me to remember my own calling as Pastor… both my specific calling to Athens Christian Reformed Church for this time of our lives, and my overall calling to be a “Minister of the Word” in the Christian Reformed Church of North America.
I am reminded of the questions I was asked when I was first ordained, and when I was installed at Athens CRC as well:
Brother/Sister (name), in order that all God’s people assembled here may witness that you, in the strength of the Lord, accept the responsibilities of this office, you are requested to stand and answer the following questions:
Do you believe that in the call of this congregation God himself calls you to this holy ministry?
Do you believe that the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and life?
Do you subscribe to the doctrinal standards of this church, rejecting all teaching which contradicts them?
Do you promise to be a faithful minister, to conduct yourself in a manner worthy of your calling, and to submit to the government and discipline of the church?
(name), what is your answer?
Answer: I do, God helping me.
I think of the tremendous burden that this kind of calling could be, but then I am reminded that none of it is asked of me without God’s help. That’s why I love the “Answer” that the being-installed/ordained pastor is supposed to give to these weighty questions: “I do, God helping me. 
How else could anyone do these things?
What a joy to do them in His strength alone!